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What are you doing at Harwell Open Day?

The UK Space Agency will be promoting Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station (ISS) through a range of activities. From creating your own ‘pee’ to creating SKYLON-C1 models with ‘astronaut gloves’, make sure to visit us in the Science Fair!

How does it relate to you work?

The UK Space Agency is responsible for ensuring that the UK can explore and benefit from space. As Tim Peake is the first British astronaut to visit the ISS in 25 years, we’re keen to get as many people interested as possible! This is going to be a big national event and we want to teach you how astronauts live in space.

What is the take home message?

Astronaut life can be tough; they have to be doctors, engineers, scientists and everything else we need in society. Hopefully you get a little glimpse of the kind of training they need. It’s not all physical!

Our aim is to show you how many jobs are available in the space sector and how you can get involved in Tim Peake’s #Principia mission.

How long did you take to prepare for Harwell Open Day?

Planning for the event started in March. Firstly, we discussed what our message would be and how we wanted to achieve it. Luckily, we run many outreach activities throughout the year so we have experienced staff who can tell us what works well and what doesn’t (this saved a lot of time!).

By looking at previous successful events, we could select what we liked and re-use the activities for this one!

Why are you taking part in Harwell Open Day?

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