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What are you doing at Harwell Open Day?

This is a hands on Demonstration where people can play with plasma, and create “lightning in a tube”.
( I will be answering your questions after your visit, so please don’t worry if I don’t reply instantly ! you may be able to spot me in person in the CONTROLS LAB which is my second profile on this website )

How does it relate to you work?

The “lightning in a tube” allows the visitor to observe a small plasma as it works with the mystery gas in one of the tubes to make patterns on the special slide ( which is called a diffraction grating ).

The slide has a special pattern that lets us see the spectra ( or fingerprint ) of the light produced by the “lightning”.  The Plasma that our laser produces is much brighter, and we use special detectors to see the spectra it produces. from that, we can understand the conditions inside.

We have made our own 4 shot film cameras to do this !


What is the take home message?

How long did you take to prepare for Harwell Open Day?

Preparing for The Open day/week has taken over 8 months.

This is due to me being involved in the working group that has planned, played with, and delivered the Central Laser Facilities exhibits. Here is the table of plasma !  myimage1

The “Lightning in a tube” took a couple of hours to design and test the circuit, and another hour of tuning. Then I was asked to make a second one ! myimage2

While cool to look at, there is a lot of safety considerations in making something like this, so, please do not try to make one of these yourself.


Why are you taking part in Harwell Open Day?

I’m communicating why engineering and science is important to everyone, and how people can become involved

Exhibit photos: