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What are you doing at Harwell Open Day?

Follow the footsteps through our experimental hall and into our science marquee. Meet our scientists, engineers and technicans and find out what we do at ISIS and how we do it!

How does it relate to you work?

The route around ISIS is split into zones:

Accelerator Zone – discover how protons are made and accelerated to near light speeds

Target Zone – find out how these high energy protons are fired into our targets to produce neutrons

Instrument Zone – explore our suite of advanced scientific instruments and learn how neutrons are used to investigate a wide range of materials

Science & Engineering Marquee – see molecules at work in the interface science zone, discover how we uses neutrons in the crystallography zone, see reactions at play in the chemistry zone, discover the links between electricity and magnetism in the superconductivity zone, discover how materials are used to improve our everyday lives in the engineering zone and literally make your hair stand on end in the physics zone!

What is the take home message?

The ISIS Neutron and Muon Source is a state-of-the-art research centre in materials science.  At ISIS beams of neutrons and muons are produced that allow scientists to study materials at the atomic level using a suite of advanced scientific instruments.

Neutrons and muons can penetrate deep within matter and show us where atoms are ans what they are doing.  This allows us to understand the structure and properties of different materials, and this knowledge is applied to design new materials.  ISIS research is at the forefront of modern science, with hundreds of experiments performed each year, leading to advances in engineering, medicine, clean energy, nanotechnology, archaeology and many other areas.

How long did you take to prepare for Harwell Open Day?

Initial planning and preparation for all ISIS working groups began in October 2014, however most of the implementation has happened in the final few weeks as planned.

Why are you taking part in Harwell Open Day?

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